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IB News
Posted on 11/23/2021

 Every Family

 Has a Story to Tell- 

“We All Celebrate Differently” 

Families: Invite us to your family celebration! 

As an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School, we continue to help our students grow in  International Mindedness. We want our students to be open-minded and learn that we all have  similarities and differences and that is what makes our world so beautiful. 

At interim pick-up, a few brave parents allowed Mrs. Wammes to record them for our morning  announcements, sharing their answers to the question, “What makes a person successful?”  When we saw students so excited to see parents on announcements, we realized we needed to  bring more parent and family voices into our school.  

What better way of bringing our families together than during the holidays? We ask that some  time from now until January 15, your family record a FlipGrid video (directions are below) to  share how your family celebrates together. You may record the family decorating, baking,  celebrating a special meal, volunteering, or any other unique way you celebrate together. We  want our students to see that although we are similar in so many ways, our differences are  beautiful too! 

Please include the whole family in the video if possible. We want students to see that families  also came in all shapes and sizes. 

Thank you for inviting us in for your family celebrations! 

Email Mrs. Wammes ([email protected]) with any questions 

Directions for accessing FlipGrid 

On any device, go to flipgrid.com or download the free Flipgrid app to your phone. Put in the following join code: 9fa41acf 

If you are not logged in as an Akron Public Schools student, 

You will be asked for the Guest password: FamilyVoice 

You will also be asked to put in a first and last name 

From there, you will be able to take a video, and upload it to the topic, “We all celebrate  differently” on the FlipGrid platform. 

Once on FlipGrid, someone at the school will “publish” it so that others in our school  community can join you in your celebration. 

Thank you for helping show our Resnik Shining Stars learn that 

“Every Family Has a Story to Tell- We All Celebrate Differently”

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