Resnik News from Mrs. Wammes

Resnik News from Mrs. Wammes
Posted on 01/21/2022
Resnik IB Corner-January 2022
International Mindedness
A great big thank you to those families that invited us along to celebrate with them these last few months on the family FlipGrid. We met some families, baked cookies, opened presents and decorated gingerbread houses right alongside you. We learned about Advent and being thankful. We learned some German, Italian and Swiss traditions. Most importantly, you helped teach our students at Resnik that “All Families Have a Story to Tell” and that “We All Celebrate Differently”. Hopefully, we can continue to add to that family FlipGrid in future years to learn about other wonderful family traditions. An important part of teaching international mindedness is to understand that different does not mean bad- it just means different. We learn so much when we are open-minded enough to learn from each other. Your help and perspective was so appreciated! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Building the Future If you were to walk the main hallways of Resnik this year, you would see robots and gears decorating the walls. The idea of “Building the Future” has helped us explore setting goals, the characteristics of being successful, and the action we need to take to make a difference in our community. The idea of “making sure all of our gears are working together” has helped us learn how to work together and problem solve if a gear gets “stuck”. These visuals and conversations are helping students grow in the learner profile traits that we emphasize here at Resnik. They are helping students become more knowledgeable, balanced, reflective, open-minded, caring and principled. They are helping students become better communicators, risk-takers, inquirers and thinkers. All together as students grow in these learner profile traits, they will become more confident, lifelong learners that take action to create a better and more peaceful world. That is what an International Baccalaureate (IB) education is all about. Taking action? What does that mean for an elementary school child? Here at Resnik "taking action" means that students internalize something they have learned in the classroom and they are doing something with that new knowledge. Maybe they are starting a rock collection after learning about types of rocks or teaching younger siblings at home how to read. Maybe their behavior has changed and they are using their words to communicate versus melting down when they are frustrated. Maybe they want to do something like pick up the trash they notice in the parking lot because they learned about habitats that are being destroyed. Maybe they want to stop doing something like not using straws at restaurants to cut down on plastic usage. 
We want to celebrate student action, but we don’t always see it. That is where we need your help! If you notice that your child is taking action and you believe it is because of something they have learned in school, please tell us. We want to recognize your child on announcements and add their action to our action wall at school. We want our students to see that by taking action they are using “the gears” they are being given and making a difference in the world around them. As always, we appreciate your support! You may tell us about your child’s action by emailing Lori Wammes, the IB coordinator at [email protected] or notifying your child's teacher.
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